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I was referring the cheasheet and I did not get the actual use of var and when to use it, Can anyone help me in this


@popeyepwr are you saying you're trying to use the var function, or that you don't understand what a var is?


@slgeorge did not understood var


@popeyepwr So far I haven't needed to understand much about symbols/vars. What I understand is that a 'symbol' is the name I give to a "variable" (using def). In Clojure speak I'm actually "binding" a symbol to a memory location which is what a Var is. So technically a Var cannot change (it is immutable). We can actually re-bind a Symbol to a different Var - so when playing in the repl I do this - but generally you should not. Here's where I got this from:

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Thanks @slgeorge for your inputs


This is a great article/tutorial. Not done it yet, but I think so far it’s better than brave-clojure and I wish I read it months ago


haha but looks like part 2 never happened


clojure.lang.Var is in fact a reference type (it is not immutable, the root binding can change and there can be separate thread-local bindings)

David Vujic12:02:39

Hey everyone! Earlier this week I talked about developing web apps using ClojureScript together with Reagent, Hiccup and re-frame at the Func Prog Sweden second 2021 meetup (online). 😅 I hope you don’t mind me posting the video here. If you are a beginner (and/or new to developing web apps with Clojure), the talk might be helpful. Let me know what you think! I would be very happy receiving feedback from you:

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clj 6

Hi all, please suggest a good tutorial for learning Clojure (preferable on Udemy)

Scott Starkey16:02:00

Hi @U01A09W6FS8 - Just my opinion, but I did not find the Udemy courses about Clojure were very good. There was once a pretty good course on but it went away. 😞

Scott Starkey16:02:43

I guess the Udemy courses were worth the $10 I spent on sale. :-D

Cj Pangilinan23:02:21

Course #: 14594952

Scott Starkey13:03:28

@U01CGUJTK37 - I’ll check that one out. Thanks for the tip! I’d not seen that one before.

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@david043 #news-and-articles is also a good place to post these videos

David Vujic22:02:33

Thank you, I’ll do that!