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Adrian Imanuel06:02:42

Hi, it's been 3 days now, it's so frustrating to me... please see my videos, i've got the token, and put the token inside the google-creds.edn, and reload it, but why it can't connect? it said 401 Unauthorized

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Adrian Imanuel06:02:57

or it might be because i interrupt the get-auth-map? resulting error. but how not interrupt it? the repl didn't work after i use get-auth-map.

Execution error (InterruptedException) at java.util.concurrent.locks.AbstractQueuedSynchronizer$ConditionObject/await (


your client id and client secret are visible in that video. i would strongly suggest taking that video down and doing what needs to be done to revoke access using that client secret

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It seems like your credentials are not passed on at all. You get a 401 unauthorized, not 403 forbidden

Adrian Imanuel08:02:36

@U11BV7MTK I've delete it, should it still a risk? @U0N9SJHCH yes, that's what i'm confuse about 😞 I don't know what's wrong with it.


You could try to intercept the web request with a proxy, or point the endpoint to your own Ring application and check what arrives there?


I've put together an example


I'll stick it up on github


That works for me. I'm able to list the contents of my folder on google drive. If you can do that, you can do the other operations, like create/edit etc...


that should get you started.

Adrian Imanuel16:02:45

Hi @U11EL3P9U i've tried your code too... but same result, I'm suspecting : since i had to kill repl (in pink square, i pressed ctrl+c) when prompting to follow the link, because it won't execute next line code. is it the root cause, or else? but even i interrupt it, the token should be still live in 1 hr? it doesn't matter right?

Adrian Imanuel16:02:59

sorry for late reply, i need to cool my head first hahaha

Adrian Imanuel17:02:30

@U0N9SJHCH sorry i don't know how to intercept?


here's a thing that I, as a beginner to the cljs ecosystem, I'm struggling with: say I send some form to my repl, and I get back:

Execution error (Error) at (<cljs repl>:1).
Unable to resolve spec: :example/spec
Now, (<cljs repl>:1) is a terrible way of signalling the error. There has to be better information available to me, or tricks with which I can get more reliable information on where this problem is. Do you have any suggestion?

Old account12:02:21

what did you sent to the REPL?


A command that called a function that was specced with the missing repl


I was refactoring the names of my specs at that time, which is why I had the problem


the problem in general is that whenever I execute some code from the repl, and that code has problems, I get the suboptimal Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at (<cljs repl>:1)


I see thanks! In the example I had this gives a better line number! I'll keep using this

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Old account12:02:01

Hello! How to put a hash-map pretty printed to a string? Just like pprint but to a string


(with-out-str (pprint ,,,))

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(`,,,` just means “put the data you want to pprint here”)


Hi, I’m using Cursive in Intellij and I have some unresolved symbols coming from other dependencies. It’s a bit annoying because I would like to jump into the muuntaja code for example, to know how to pass readers to wrap-format (if there is a way). What I’m missing with Cursive settings?


@francesco.losciale If you're not getting Cursive-specific answers here, you can try asking in the #cursive channel.

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I just found out that Rhiannon Giddens grew up in Durham, too. The plot thickens.


Do you post this in the wrong channel? It doesn't seem relevant to #beginners?


No. It just seemed that Durham NC seemed to be a place where interesting things happen, besides conj and I wanted to understand why. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Possibly a good topic for #off-topic 🙂


Yes, or #music


I didn't no these channels existed.


Hard to keep track when we have hundreds of channels...


I tried to add a cljc file to my project, and now I am getting an exception: Could not locate guestbook/validation__init.class, guestbook/validation.clj or guestbook/validation.cljc on classpath


@endrejoh what was the file you added? where did you add it?


I have three folders with clj, cljs and cljc, like this. The file I added was validation.cljc, which I placed at cljc/guestbook/validation.cljc


In another file called home.clj, I am trying to require the validation file, like this: [guestbook.validation :refer [validate-message]]


And you have that cljc folder on your path for the project? (in project.clj or deps.edn)


Nope, that's it!


(you'll need to restart your REPL after updating your paths)


Thank you, that worked!


A palm to the face, and I try to move on ...