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cross posting to beginner since it is a beginner question :P


@tjb Can you provide a bit more context about what you've tried? What worked, what didn't, what changes you've made to the out-of-the-box Luminus template (and what options you used to create the project)?


i feel really dumb having tunnel vision on this with the fix being such a simple one. thanks again for the mentorship @seancorfield


Looking at what you posted in #luminus (I'm not a member of that channel so I just previewed it), you seem to have ((db/get-job {:id id})) which looks like it has extra parens? What is the definition of get-job?


Hi I need to mock java.util.UUID/randomUUID in a test, what would be the best way do to this?


I'd like to write an SPA that has a textbox into which users can write edn, which is then used as input for the application functions. I could just use a textbox, but is there something that will automatically give me the auto-formatting / syntax highlighting etc.?


hi, I want to use ghostwheel for spec, but don't know how to start repl with JVM option -Dghostwheel.enabled=true in LEININGEN (CIDER). Could somebody help me with this I see as well Set {:ghostweel.core/check true} to enable but have no idea where to do this


Is using EDN for your API, instead of JSON, a good idea?