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Is Enlive still the recommended library to parse HTML ?


I usually use Jsoup directly without any wrappers (Jsoup is amazing)


o/ not really sure where to ask, does anyone use selmer? I want to include a template, and I know you can provide static values using with, but how do I pass values from actual variables? (I tried with x=var, with x={{ var }} and with x="{{ var }}", I’m probably completely off base as I didn’t go into how these work… essentially what I want is to have a small html snippet that I can reuse with several injected variables)


you can try asking in #luminus


I found a workaround, for anyone following this:

{% with x=var1 %}
{% include "template-using-x.html" %}
{% endwith %}
{% with x=var2 %}
{% include "template-using-x.html" %}
{% endwith %}