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Joshua Jolley00:02:55

Noob question for y'all. I recently got figwheel working on a chromex project in Cursive cheer It taught me a fair bit about how the project.clj works. But now I've got a new issue. Does anyone know how to get the output to the repl colorized? When I eval a defn, it shows up in full color in the repl, but when I look at my state object, the text is all grey. fn: state: Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Joshua Jolley00:02:27

Bonus points if it pretty prints in the repl


@josh200 Maybe ask in #cursive if you don't get an answer here? And "Welcome!" to Clojure!

Joshua Jolley00:02:19

Ah, I didn't know that was a channel! Thanks!


We have hundreds of channels here -- it can be a bit overwhelming...


if anyone is looking for a good real world beginner project, setup an RSS feed for alex miller music recommendations. would enjoy that right now

Eric Ervin21:02:05

What good recommendations has he had? I must be in the wrong channels.


he's ended many of his recent journals with music recommendations. i think on a couple podcasts he's mentioned music as well

Eric Ervin21:02:29

Oh. OK. Now realizing how far behind I am on all the podcasts.

Eric Ervin21:02:37

I'll put one little bit in here for anyone who sees this thread "Rich chided me for not being more familiar with the Presence album."


Hello guys. I am just arriving to this channel. I need help to configure gradle-clojure plugin on a Grails project. I've been stuck on that for days. I am trying to install plugin version 0.4.0 because Grails won't work with Gradle 5. So I upgraded Gradle to 4.2 and I am trying to install plugin 0.4.0. But I am getting "Could not generate a proxy class for class gradle_clojure.plugin.clojure.ClojureExtension"

Mario C.19:02:48

I am making a small project using compojure/liberator. I have this bit of code (-> (apply routes [app-routes user-routes]) (wrap-defaults site-defaults)) and when I hit /user/example I get Not Found but if then switch the order to this `(-> (apply routes [user-routes app-routes]) (wrap-defaults site-defaults))` it works and I get Hello example!.

Mario C.19:02:48

Never mind the answer was in the docs


My technical debt credit card has finally been declined --- the naive way I'm handling these test reports I need to look at (reading all 0.5G into memory and structuring them) now gets me to the GC overhead limit


I'm not quite sure where I should apply smarter techniques and I'm soliciting pointers


likely obvious starting points: - I'm not actually doing anything where I need all the reports, so maybe I should parse them file by file when I need one - I have heard of "databases", sounds cool


constraint: - I didn't convince my boss that we should get me a Datomic Cloud instance


have you considered just giving the jvm more memory?


there are some heuristics the jvm goes through to set a max heap size if you don't manually set one


depending on the jvm version and how munch memory you have, the default max heap could be as low as 1gb, which half a gig of text on disk could easily fill in memory due to ucs-16


sort-by followed by reverse is also kind of gross, just invert the sort


I am not sure how familiar you are with the jvm, but livelock:deadlock::gc overhead exception:out of memory exception


not familiar but interested in learning. (I also don't know what livelocks and deadlocks are so I'm not following your analogy)


didn't know about inverting a sort, that's cool


:jvm-opts ["-Xmx1g"] <--- the lein invocation for adjusting memory?