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Hi. I am a bit confused... regarding JavaInterop If I have abstract class A with abstract method "call" And then I make gen-class with annotation on this function -call When decompiling the generated class, the annotation on the method is not present.


I just started a new app using the leiningen reagent template, and I repeatedly encounter an error complaining "no such namespace: cider.nrepl.pprint". I'm trying this in emacs. Is there something missing in the template or do I have something misconfigured?


ERROR: Unhandled REPL handler exception processing message {:op stacktrace, :pprint-fn cider.nrepl.pprint/pprint, :print-length 50, :print-level 50, :session c6cf86ff-bc5e-4160-a64e-4582042a99f6, :id 80} java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No such namespace: cider.nrepl.pprint


This is while using Cider 0.20.0, and Cider-nrepl 0.20.0