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is it normal


to get message from sente with data i need but along with debug message?


2018-07-24 02:37:56,677 [XNIO-1 I/O-7] DEBUG io.undertow.websockets.core.request - UT025003: Decoding WebSocket Frame with opCode 1 
user> {:data AAAA}


@lepistane That just sounds like you have the logging level set to DEBUG (or lower) somewhere in your application.


Also, maybe that's the default for Undertow?


i am not setting that logging. It could be i will continue developing like this hopefully i realize what's and if it's an issue


Lots of things produce log messages. Is this just the first time you've seen a log message in the REPL?


If you have Timbre in the app, it's fairly easy to tell it to suppress logging from certain Java packages or Clojure namespaces -- or just set the log level to INFO (which will suppress the debug messages). I'm not sure what Sente uses -- been a long time since I looked at Sente -- and I've never used Undertow as far as I know.


Sente does use Timbre so if you (:require '[taoensso.timbre :as timbre]) in your main app you can (timbre/set-level! :info) and that should clean things up @lepistane

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one question, i am using sente+re-frame and in my handler

(defmethod -event-msg-handler :bus-line/coord
  [{:as ev-msg :keys [?data]}]
  (do (println "Push coord from server: %s" ?data)
      (rf/dispatch [:bus-line/coord (:coord ?data)])))
this dispatch just doesn't work println does get triggered but dispatch doesnt but it works if i eval it what am i missing? why doesn't it work


In clojure, Is there any way through which i can have some kind of monitoring / charting solutions to monitor application performance like CPU usage,query run time,Queue ms etc.??


i dont see why you couldnt use prometheus + grafana or something like that

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@U36FXS8SD, I was reading about the grafana, In supported data-sources i don't find the one which i am using, HikariCP.


hikaricp looks like a connection pool abstraction for jdbc. So that would be if you plan on using Postgres or something for your Grafana datasource.


You would use Hikari on your clojure side, and grafana would connect to postgres via its own mechanism


pretty much anything that works on your host platform (assuming jvm here but same applies in clr or js)


@parth.12282 We use New Relic for that sort of thing.

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