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Hi All, I am running clojure behind proxy server. The only way to download jars is through our artifactory server. It presently does not get any jars from I want to request my company IT team to add clojars to repos list. Please can someone advise what is the repo URL for


hmm, I just noticed, it does not redirect to https url, though it supports https. Shouldn't it?


ah, there's also which does force https @manas.marthi


Is there a curated list of popular & maintained leiningen templates?


Context: I’m looking for something that will easily let me plug into Cursive since it’s the recommended thing. This will be my first Clojure code, and I will try to solve the Advent of Code puzzles. I would like to have some visualization options if possible (no need to be web-based, can use Swing if needed, but web would probably be faster). I would like to have some auto-reloading but I want to experience the “coding in the REPL” that everybody talks about 😉


@orestis I might be inclined to ask in #cursive to see if there are recommendations for that environment. I'm not sure what sort of visualization you're considering but Swing would at least keep the code all Clojure and server-side whereas with a web UI you're likely straying into ClojureScript territory as well and that's a lot of tooling etc to learn all at once.