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Re: boot vs socket REPL -- Boot can start a barebones REPL instead of an nREPL server if you want.


@seancorfield can you explain the diff between bare REPL and an nREPL?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:09:26

I think “bare REPL” here means a clojure.main stream-based repl vs nREPL which is a message-based protocol

Lucas Barbosa23:09:59

Hi guys! Would someone please help me with emacs+cider? I started playing with this tools yesterday, and I have already learned a lot of stuff. It is magical, I am loving it. What I am trying to do now is find out the most productive way of doing TDD here. I learned how to execute all the unit tests using CIDER, but there’s something annoying me: When I change and save the code of a .clj file and then run the tests again, the new code is not used by the test. It still uses the old version. Is there a way to quickly reload?


hit , (comma) in your repl. this will bring up a menu with refresh being one of them. try that

Lucas Barbosa23:09:33

@dpsutton on the mini-buffer?

Lucas Barbosa23:09:12

very interesting, there’s also a lot of useful options there

Lucas Barbosa23:09:24

thank you very much


yes there are. unsung feature of CIDER


unfortunately emacs can get a little slow with long lines. if you find yourself printingout a big data structure, use ,clear to clear up your repl and it will be snappy again

Lucas Barbosa23:09:12

By the way, is that ,refresh command the same as cider-refresh? I mean, Can I bind it to some key combination?


@lvbarbosa it’s Emacs; you can bind anything to anything 😄