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@shrimpywu I don’t think so. from what I’ve seen, the closure compiler options have to be explicitly mapped to a cljs compiler option to be used


I would check in #cljs-dev, they may just add it in if you want it


the core cljs devs hang out there


@shaunlebron yeah, i look thru, and couldn't find that option. thanks! let me go over there and ask.


hey folks, does anyone know how to specify styles by id in garden? You can select classes like {:background-color "red"} but :#my-id does not work


nevermind, I forgot to wrap my attributes in curly braces and it wasn't picking up correctly 😏


I am trying out clojure.spec and wanted to use it to validate a simple function to check that a tree of nodes is a binary search tree. I designed each node to be a simple map containing 3 kv pairs (value, left & right). The issue I seem to have is that because the left and right nodes are essentially recursive - spec generators typically throw a Stack Overflow when generating some sample data. Here is what I am using:

;;(:require [clojure.spec.alpha :as s] [clojure.spec.gen.alpha :as gen])
;; Node example
(def a-node {:value 1 :left nil :right nil})

(s/def ::value integer?)
(s/def ::right (s/nilable ::node))
(s/def ::left (s/nilable ::node))
(s/def ::node (s/keys :req [::value ::left ::right]))
(gen/generate (s/gen ::node))


Any ideas about how to limit generation or some other way to generate a tree of nodes would be great, thanks in advance.


Oddly if I change say one node (right or left) to be integer type then the generation succeeds...


Hi i read few topics on reddit regarding communication of community people say slack is bad, discord is good is there a reason why we use slack?


That is a discussion for #community-development not #beginners


(it's been discussed to death there over the years)


where can I find good cljc tutorial? or example?