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Hello all! i just learned fundamentals in clojure, i want to get started with web app development, using clojurescript as frontend and clojure as backend So guys i just need some resources to play around or some sample layouts


has anyone used hugsql to send seq of ids to query i am getting errors for vectors and lists how do i convert clj -> sql seq ?


use a value list parameter type :v* for IN()


-- Let's specify some columns with the
-- identifier list parameter type :i* and
-- use a value list parameter type :v* for IN()
-- :name characters-by-ids-specify-cols :? :*
-- :doc Characters with returned columns specified
select :i*:cols from characters
where id in (:v*:ids)


@amit5881 Get the book (gets you started with basic template called luminus, helps a lot i suggest you start from there) examples - Clj community likes libs over frameworks, simple composable units that you understand to make great things. hope this helps


@delaguardo NICE! thank you damn that's from official docs i couldnt find it thank you ❤️