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Hey does anyone know where I can find a tutorial which runs through creating my own library and installing it locally. Want to use a branch of a library.


grounded_sage: depending on how the project is set up, I suspect boot build install will work


This seems like the best thing I can find online.


@grounded_sage yes, you can just use lein install as described in the tutorial. You can also look at checkout dependencies in case you want a quicker turnaround during the development:


I'm not sure what the checkout dependencies provides at a glance. Probably not suited to me anyways as I am a 100% boot user. The branch I am using is a major version bump of a library which I will be using for every project so just looking to do a local build and install.


checkout deps allow conveniently reloading a library's namespaces as you edit them without having to reinstall and restart the repl


is there a way to format nil so it shows as a blank string or a space? For example if the author is still alive I want (format "%s (%d - %d)" name birth death) to show an empty space after -

Alex Miller (Clojure team)23:05:10

You could use (or death "")

Alex Miller (Clojure team)23:05:35

Although I don't know if that works with %d


um how do you document the meaning of a variable on a let form?


unlike fn there's no room for a docstring, I think


thanks, I will try


@matan just a source code doc? or something stays with the function?


obviously ; but #_ "comment here" works too


if what you're trying to do is trace values, you might be interested in: