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Drew Verlee01:05:20

I talked it over with him and he liked how the thread macro worked, he was actually asking for a way to read left to right In a more step by step fashion. He doesn't think it's worth him using because he has so much experience with Java, which is a fair point. He is probably hoping this will be his last gig 😀


in all fairness, clojure code doesn't have to be nested invocations any more than any other language, though people sometimes seem excited to throw as many nested expressions as possible into one line, perhaps they are overly concerned about the line count metric...


Is it possible for me to do an import :as for a java class?


anyone here have experience in java servlets? and would you be kind to help me with something?


i've got to make web forum using servlets (jsp, jstl) ...


i got 4 types of users


guest registered moderator admin


guest can only see public forums registered public and open admin/moderator all that + closed ones


is there a way for me to easily restrict users from seeing something they shouldn't see on server? maybe using tomcat-users.xml?


Hello there, any recommendations for a code review, please? I’ve made my first small Clojurescript+Reagent app and need some criticism on it.


@crvst post a link to a gist or repo with the code in the #code-reviews channel


Is there a way to build a function in clojure such that you can call it outsinde () and still get it to evaluate?


@vitruvia I don’t know any way to do that easily, but what are you trying to do? If your goal is to write a Domain Specific Language in Clojure, I’d recommend looking at Instaparse. It lets you define any syntax you like, and execute it.


I was just trying to pass a test that I think is wrong, it seems to be calling the function without () while it was supposed to call it with them


@vitruvia you can use apply?


(apply answer [])


What’s the recommended way to deploy an uberjar to a maven repository like nexus? lein deploy doesn’t deploy the standalone jar. I know how to use boot push, but our project isn’t using boot.


@verma you mean apply the function inside itself?


@vitruvia I mean, if you don’t want it called (fun ..) .. probably will help if you could tell what you’re trying to do.


@vitruvia perhaps if we could see the test definition


nevermind guys sorry for the trouble


I just realized I was to define a variable and not a function


by the way I didn`t find the test definition, that is why I didn`t send it


the first step to winning over a hostile audience is a good joke.


i meant it as a joke, but reading the wikipedia article, it make (some) sense as a scientific explanation of the fact that the parens effectively "disappear" with experience. whaddya know.


then there's the "Who ya gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?" strategy. Parens? What parens? All I see is sexps.