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@dpsutton thanks for the help - yes I have played with merge-with and the only issue I have now is how to convert the ISeq of {:keyword :qty} into & maps for (merge-with) to be happy


I like conj here, because all the other good answers turn into calls to conj if you dig deep enough

Drew Verlee21:04:06 I don't understand point 7 on Json, he seems to be suggesting apis shouldn't returnn json


no the opposite in fact


he sarcastically said that he is trying to give himself job security by making extra complexity, but JSON is making his goal harder (because it is simpler) @drewverlee


.... of course he then begins to attack JSON. All the points that he is making against JSON are non-problems in Fressian/Transit/Edn


specifically tagged values are essential, and JSON lacks them:


Not having a tagged value makes it everyone's problem to "interpret" bare primitive values, like string, when you know you want a date


I really like that talk. Stu is a wonderful speaker


guys, I have a clojure 1.5.1 jar in my clojure koans directory and clojure 1.8.0 jar in my .m2 repository. Can this cause conflicts? should I delete one of those?