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Hi every one! I'm new to clojurescript and I followed the quick start page My task is to run the nodejs brepl and use it to make some test of my code. I am able to make the brepl run, but every time I make even a simple error, for example I eval an undeclared symbol, It prints an error: > WARNING: Use of undeclared Var cljs.user/r at line 1 <cljs repl> > Error: EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, read...... And it exits from the brepl and I have to recompile all project again...why? Can you help me? 🙂


Does anyone have any recommendations of good open source projects for clojure newbies for contribute to?


alexis: there are many, but if you're a real noob, you can learn a lot and help everybody by contributing documentation to just about any project, since they all need it. i would recommend boot, although it might be a little much for a beginner.


or here is the list (search for projects marked "beginner friendly"):


@U0LGCREMU: is there a particular part of boot you think could use more docs?


the people on the boot channel are very helpful, but the info they provide rarely makes it to the wiki, so if you were to undertake to learn boot (which is clojure, so you’d be learning both) with a goal of writing some docs you would probably get lots of help.


if you’re feeling a little crazy you could help with


another possibility: clojure.spec. we could use a lot more examples.


e.g. every-kv looks very useful, but i can't grok it hust from the docs. is empty.


leiningen has a tag for issues that are accessible to someone new to the project


@noisesmith I have looked at those! The issues are all very old, so I wasn't sure they were still needed. Newest one is from 2015.


(Thank you!)


tree-seq does depth-first walk, is there function to do breadth-first walk?


I’ve a (hopefully) basic question: Is there some simple library to work with timespans? I found clj-time and simple-time, but they seem a bit over the top. What I’m looking for is something to take timespans like "08:00 - 14:15” and tell me that that’s 6:15 and/or 6,25 hours. I could write that myself (I definitely don’t wanna include midnight), but if there is a solution, it might be easier


Ahh sure, used to use that at work all the time. I’ve asked in #beginners for a reason, it’s still weird to me how I’m on the JVM and can just use all of Jav


Thank you!


clj-time is basically a wrapper around Joda time if you've ever used that in Java-land, much more usable than the JDK 7 stuff IMHO


Or if you're running on top of Java 8 you can use the newish java.time stuff which is nicer than java.util.Date