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What does the newspaper library do? 🙂


I would like to send out emails with clojure. What is the best option? I tested with the Sendgrid, but something authentication problem. Autopilot ok, but with large list .. not so cheap. Somebody integrated Amazon SES or similar provider or what could you advise for me?


(what works good, stable etc)


Could you help somebody tor write this curl command in clj-http


Yes, I tried translate to clojure around a hour ago, but fully unsuccessful. Something I created in the wrong way.. therefore I shared the code, maybe somebody can show me.. exactly how I can to do. I check the source again. Maybe I didn’t see before this..


thanks the link!


@sb Can you share your clojure code?


I think that isn’t a good version.. maybe was better.. but I worked in this way.. to translate from CURL the code


client2 > clj-http


@sb I don't see any :header option, only a :headers map looking like :headers {"X-Api-Version" "2"}


I tested with basic-auth and headers too.


Unfortunately, I tested two sendgrid package ( eg.. [sendgrid-clj.core :as sendgrid]) and I have similar problems. What I got back.. authorization failed.. but with CURL works fine..


Therefore I want to create manually a code.. but I can’t as I see.. 😞


I know it's basic, but do you actually have an account and using your real key instead of "Bearer KEY-HERE"?


Yes, I can use with a secret key - whitelisted IP (with curl).


Their example says :content is a vector: "content": [{"type": "text/plain", "value": "Heya!"}]. You did it right with curl but not with clj-http. Do that plus use :headers instead of :header and check.


I got ClassCastException java.lang.String cannot be cast to clojure.lang.Associative clojure.lang.RT.assoc (


I sent the token in pm to you


Maybe I did something.. or I don’t know. I do apologize..


I'm looking for some kind of learning path on clojure. I know html, css and I know what are for loops, variables etc due to a beginner course on PHP.


I also like to learn while doing something so I can get feedback of what I'm doing


thanks for your time and excuse my english


@biofobico I had a good experience starting with a re-frame snake game, and later on adding a back-end with a luminus setup.


Figwheel is a great tool


Something to keep in mind is doing small iterations as the error messages you get can easily become unclear.


I'll look at it thank you


Now I just need some sort of tutorial about clojure basics because the official documentation isn't very beginner friendly 🙂


And with the amount of info that is available on the interwebs it's kinda difficult to filter the good stuff for a beginner


@ biofobico, there's really no good format to learn clojure, but what personally worked for me is to 1) read its homepage (at least that page) first, 2) play with an online repl (e.g. tryclojure), then 3) clojurekoans. Once you become comfortable with it, find something that teaches its data structures, since I have limited time, I just jumped in with learn x in y minutes (clojure, and clojure macros), only then I started leiningen. Once you know how to use leiningen, you now have to choose where you want to spend your first project, front-end (clojurescript, you can start with reagent) or back-end (clojure, you can start with compojure perhaps).


@biofobico I did start with the Project Euler, of course my solutions were crap, but then you look at other answers and you learn about the Clojure standard​ library by looking at the docs. I'm not sure this is great to be honest, but doing it in pair (not pair programming) sure made it more enjoyable. I'd say find a buddy to learn it with you, it will make the learning experience more fun.


@biofobico 4clojure + Clojure for the Brave and True worked very well for me!


Also worth taking a look at Living Clojure


@arnaud_bos and @curlyfry Thank you. The thing is that I'm not a programmer. I'm probably wrong, but it seems that all the stuff I find assume that the reader/watcher already has some kind if programming background which isn't my case.


I did the "which programming language should I learn first" search and while 80% returned python/ruby I am sure that learning a programming language is a challenge not matter which one I choose


@biofobico Also have some fun with the cheat sheet:


thanks @yonatanel for your help!!