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Chrome Canary is warning my js compiled from ClojureScript 😞


oracle jdk SE download page provides 2 version: 8u111 and 8u112. which I should download? what oracle jdk even/odd numbered version means? is there any convention?


I usually just pick the latest, not sure if there's any even/odd criteria when selecting jdk for clojure


here's the exact jdk I installed and forget anything about it afterwards, no problems encountered so far: jre8-openjdk-headless


@ejelome thanks for the answer


@mavbozo In general pick the latest version as it contains the most security patches. If it does not work with clojure it should be a bug in clojure as long as the major version is supported (JDK > 1.6 according to the clojure homepage)


@sveri thank you for the suggestion


QQ on saturating CPU when it comes to core.async and pipelines. I've got a task that I'm fairly sure is CPU limited (deserialising Protobuf/data transformations) and I can't seem to saturate CPU regardless of how many threads I throw at the pipeline. Anyone got any tips ideas on debugging this, I'm currently using about 60% CPU and would like to be at 90%+.


@poooogles pipelines are in-order. So if one item takes a long time to serialize it will hold up the rest of the pipeline. Also buffer sizes on channels can make a huge difference. I normally start at 2x the number of CPUs, that's on both the input and output of the pipeline.


I have other suggestions, but start with the channel buffer sizes.