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Hi Clojurians


At college I’m taking Data-Science class with R and I want to write my assignments in Clojure. My question is where is the starting point of data-science in Clojure? Also I’m interested specifically in machine learning - neural networks. Should I go to mainstream(Python) or is there good starting points in those areas?


Also which one should I stick with clatrix or core.matrix lib? I’ve come across rather dated book - Machine Learning for Clojure


@viesti thanks for all help, i’ve definitely got some reading to do it seems like haha.


Very interesting article. I’m curious about pipelinedb though. Would you say you would still use it if your domain experts were not biased towards SQL? I know that with event sourcing you might have many databases, and the tables in a SQL db could be though of as a view/snapshot of the current data based on the log you have stored in kafka.


However, it seems like with other options like Datomic or Druid could really take advantage of the log based nature of event sourced systems


Can you share your experiences with your existing setup, and maybe comment on what your stack would look like if you could choose anything, and not be steered in one direction or another by your existing team/resources


Hi guys, I'm trying to configure my luminus app to deploy to heroku from circleCI, but I'm having difficulties configuring the migration step:

heroku run lein run migrate --app my-test-app
` This runs the migration, but also appears to start a nrepl on my heroku server, so the step never completes. Is there a way I can run the command without it starting the nrepl?