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Do people still use at-at for timed tasks? or is there a better lib for that already?


I am is problem!!! so i am sitting here with a datomic trial, and i have some historic corporate data that is historical in nature snapshots daily of kpis blah blah.. I spent a bunch of time doing a rewind feature in angularjs , (basically streaming queries and i hate it)... now, if i was smart and used datomic, I would be able to "collapse" those things into their appropriate entity and query the history when needed... which would be very elegant and at first glance more performant. now... i am considering moving the dataset into datomic (for other reasons), but can i "fake" the transaction times for entities (eg the ones that were done a year ago have the right timestamp, not the automatic datomic stamp?, otherwise my history would suck ... or the other thing would be to append my own timestamp into each version of the entity 😞


@psavine42 you should probably ask this in #datomic channel