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@adrien I would recommend checking out Sente for handling websockets. I think one issue with the posted code is that if that when condition isn’t hit the first time, the code exits — the recur is never hit. when executes its whole body iff its condition is true; the recur is not in an “else” position as it would be if this was an if.


thank you @jeremyraines I'll try playing witht the recur, and see what really happens I can also start with a library in parallel to get more familiar with these concepts then move to a more bare metal solution without the magic to really understand what's going on and explain it as well


Hello I wanted to build a project to learn Clojure and I was wondering what the best approach would be. Basically it would an an Anki clone with the ability to create screen shots and caption them all from within the app.


I was thinking about doing a webapp but that would mean I would have to use Clojurescript right?