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@seancorfield et al - Thanks. I rebooted, did all the things again, and it worked. Very strange. I probably fat-fingered something on the first go.


NP. Glad it worked after a few incantations šŸ™‚


So Iā€™m still in the very beginning of learning Clojure but I just wanted to know if I want to eventually do some web dev do I have to learn javascript first


sweet! javascript is getting messy


@dorianc.b I've worked in web dev for years and I've mostly managed to avoid learning JS šŸ™‚ I think JS is a horrible language but there are plenty of compile-to-JS alternatives these days so you can avoid the "assembler of the web"...


Looking for the best way to use values held in a vector as individual arguments to a function. For example, I have a data structure that has the values of my default square location and shape. How do I pass the individual elements in the vector to the function that draws the shape, which takes individual arguments?

(def default-square [ 10 10 20 20 5])

(q/rect x y width height corner-angle)
In the example, q/rect is a quil function that draws a rectangle shape


@jr0cket Use apply

(apply q/rect default-square)