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@leo.ribeiro: both, path parameters and query parameters are available in the :params key in the request and can be destructured by compojure. So (ANY „/foo/:id“ [id p1 p2] (…)) should work when requesting /foo/123?p1=a&p2=b


what the heck is a #object[Object [object Object]]?


i get that from this call: (ajax/GET {:url "" :data {:resource_id "9326ca53-9153-4a9c-b93f-8ae032637b70" :q "Males"} :success #(println (str (.. % result total) " data results. success!")) :dataType "jsonp"})


@krchia: might be a json object


use (.log js/console ...) to inspect it


Hey, I have a beginner re-frame question (cross posting from the re-frame channel): What’s the best way to preload an image I have access to before a component renders but not when my application starts? The ideas I've had are: * Use the js interop and create an image object as soon as I know the image URL which I could pass in to a my component at render time, but I don't know how to use an image object with Hiccups. * "Render" the component as soon as I know the image URL but set the style to "display=none". When I need to actually render the component update the style. Are there any better ones?


I’m also a front end beginner, so any confirmation that this is a sane way of thinking is also appreciated 😉


a little stumped as to what’s the cljs equivalent for "d.close = +d.close;"