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hi, i try to connect to postgres, but i get error "java.lang.Exception: Unsupported binding form: :classname" db spec is : (def db {:classname "org.postgresql.Driver" :subprotocol "postgresql" :subname "//localhost:5432/auth" :user "admin" :password "admin"}) versions: [org.postgresql/postgresql "9.4.1208.jre7"] [org.clojure/java.jdbc "0.6.1"]


can you show how are you using db?


for what it's worth my db-spec for postgres looks like this


{:connection-uri "jdbc:postgresql:...db-name...?user=...&password=.."
 :subprotocol "postgresql"}


Hello, anyone with knowledge in silk who could give me a hint here? -- I wonder where the serve/POST comes from in this example from silk's documentation Routes can be constrained by request methods.

(def api-routes
  (silk/routes {:api-data [["api"] {"limit" (silk/? (silk/int :limit) {:limit 100})
                                    "offset" (silk/? (silk/int :offset) {:offset 0})} (serve/POST)]}))

(silk/match api-routes {:path ["api"]})
;=> nil
(silk/match api-routes {:path ["api"] :request-method :post})
;=> {:limit 100, :offset 0, :api-data, ...}


nvm, I understood


I'm trying to use cljc for the first time and I think I might have something wrong conceptually. I am trying to require my cljc namespace from clojurescript using the normal clojurescript :require syntax so that I can define Rum components in one place and refer to them from both the cljs and clj code (see for reference). Is this how cljc files are meant to be referenced from clojurescript or am I way off base?


If you want to render the components on the server, and send html to the browser then yes.