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Drew Verlee01:12:59

One thing that always trips me up with a new language is how to read the docs. Take this for example: What does 'm' stand for in (update m k f)? its not mentioned in the doc anywhere i can see. Im i just missing it?


m stands for “map” simple_smile


there are a few standard variable names like that you will see, k and v for “key” and “value”, f for “function” and so on

Drew Verlee01:12:16

thats the first time i have seen map abbreviated to m.


The clojure core docstrings tend to be terse and not super beginner friendly


c for collection and s for sequence are common too.

Chris O’Donnell03:12:53

@drewverlee: there are some good docs at too


When a form is passed through Compojure "params" and a field is empty, is it "nil" or ""