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Hello, Is the brave book a good book for beginners and can I find here help on exercises and feedback on my solutions ?


@roelof: I guess so. So far I got help fast here...


Btw, I learned a lot by doing exercises at 4clojure. Especially when I started following a couple of people that solved all the puzzles: After having an own solution you can see what those you follow did. There I learned a lot. Being already connected to a problem gave me a lot of insights


4clojure is the first thing I did, as well.


The first ever thing I did were the clojurescriptkoans. Close enough even if it's not clojure per se


We had a lot of giggles at the office doing them as a pair consisting of me who never did a single line of clojure earlier and was also completely new to functional programming, and James who had dived into it for a while and was acting as my teacher...