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anyone has some resources on clojurescript, node and npm?


Hey all, I'm having a little issue that I need some advice on. I'm working through SICP and trying to implement the scheme interpreter described here ( In the world of SICP, you have mutable cells which allow you to easily extend the execution environment by just mutating elements in place. In Clojure(Script), I'm trying to model this environment as a list of atoms. My thinking is that this would allow me to implement the interpreter in-line with the SICP description. However, this approach seems to cause problems whenever I insert an atom into itself (when defining a lambda, the lambda is defined within the execution environment along with a copy of the execution environment). I get the feeling that this approach isn't really idiomatic for Clojure, and I'm wondering how you all might approach it. I'm guessing that a more idiomatic approach is to have one atom which stores the environment?


If anyone here has worked through the SICP exercise and is willing to chat, that would be super simple_smile


@pxlpnk: I learn Clojure, solve challenges on HackerRank and blog about it there: Not practically useful for those who's just starting out but may be useful for those seeking solutions for classic math/coding problems.


thanks rishat