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Besides Clojure for the Brave and True, and Clojure from the Ground Up, what other resources would people here recommend for someone who is trying to learn Clojure as their first programming language?


I'm asking for a friend of mine


I had him download Light Table, pointed him to and those two tutorials, and a few of Rich Hickey's talks, plus 4Clojure and Clojure Koans, but I'd like to hear if anyone has any other resources, or pointers to help along the way


@luxbock: only English?


@luxbock: If you’re interested in physical books, Living Clojure is a great start


@surreal.analysis thanks. I'll check it out


You’re welcome. It’s by the same author as How I Start Clojure -


Which is another good post, but if they have started working through a few tutorials already, they’re likely already past it

Petrus Theron13:08:23

If you :require a namespace from two files, is that namespace eval'd twice?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:08:30

Clojure tracked which ns'es it has loaded

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:08:20

the :reload (for single ns) or :reload-all (to include transitive ns'es) key on require can be used to force reload

Petrus Theron13:08:52

Reason I ask: given a side-effecting def like (def chsk-send! (make-sente-channel! ...) in a comms namespace, I was curious if it would override itself when required.