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Can anyone suggest a good book or talk which shows the differences/ pros and cons of database designs such as sql, nosql, graph etc.


Any suggestions for a really beginner tutorial / blog post about core.typed? I’m coming from dynamic languages so my knowledge of using type systems is close to nonexistent.

Petrus Theron13:07:44

How can I include my own library dependencies which don't come from clojars? Not other namespaces, but other projects.

Petrus Theron13:07:20

Do I need to host my own maven?


You can specify a local maven repo and check in the jar


Note that this is philosophically sketchy, but as long as you understand the tradeoffs it's fine (IMO)


I only use it for a handful of 3rd-party jars that aren't in public repos; it's not the right way to refer to jars you create in other projects.


Yeah, I've used it for running custom builds of things


with the intention of moving it over to the official ones when my changes appear upstream


that's where it gets iffy.... you could still use a local repo, but don't check it into version control. deploy your library projects there instead, and have depending projects point to that local repo.


you really don't want to be in the business of manually updating copies of your own libraries in your checked-in projects. It seems so easy up front but it very quickly leads to sadness. simple_smile


Concrete example: I needed a custom build of figwheel to get it working inside a docker container. Built and deployed locally until changes were merged. I'm still running a slightly custom build of figwheel becuase of a different issue I'm still trying to run down.


scary. understandable, and probably correct, but scary. simple_smile


@grounded_sage: not sure you got an answer, but I’ve found to be a great overview that goes into a decent amount of depth