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Is there a library / package that can create/display a summary of the structure of a nested map / data structure?? Something like pretty print without the data

Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:06:33

clojure.inspector is in the box - it will pop up a tree view


thanks will give it a try


we have a huge db app, hundreds of tables, with tons of columns, with relationships galore all intertwined. So thinking about solving some of the problems we have with clojure that we used Hibernate for. Some being relationships (sqlkorma?), Auditing with event listeners (wrapper methods that query and diff maps), Custom fields per customer (maybe easier by changing model/queries on startup?) or would i just use the hib layer from clj


@stvnmllr that's quite an undertaking for a beginner 👷


it's a good start to tease apart all the complected pieces of the system


yep. aiming high. If I can't replace what we have, it'll be harder to argue for clojure over all. 😇


but yeah, guess it's not a beginner question. even though I'm a beginner


@stvnmllr: Can you factor out parts? I'm going from C# with Entity Framework and developing with clojure/cljs, and there's a lot to learn. I'm basically having to relearn everything and there are lots of gotchas where gaps in my understanding make things much harder than they should be.


@shaun-mahood: I spent over ten years doing C# so I know that accuracy of pain.


can't wait 😔 yes, i can refactor anything


@akiva: It's good pain though - even with not much knowledge or skill I vastly prefer it! I hated relearning all the frameworks every time they decided to change everything. I have 2 old computers still sitting here just in case I need to go back and refactor old code to let it run on the new versions of VS.


@stvnmllr: I bet if you lay out all the different responsibilities you want to move to Clojure there are people here that can point you in some good starting directions. Is it all back end code you want to replace?


Yes, backend is the complex part. Otherwise it's just an oldschool server-side rendering web app.