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Very London centric in the UK. There’s MixRadio in Bristol and a think there’s someone in Glasgow but nothing much else. A lot more Scala as it’s being adopted by large orgs and the UK Government.


Clojure is not really useful in Taiwan AFAIK 😞 Most webserver in Taiwan is written in PHP.


Though it’s not really famous in my Country, I still use it on my weekend projects. At first I was scared by the java interop, but now I really like it simple_smile


@coldnew: Java interop is a little daunting if you don’t come from Java background and not initially intuitive if you do come from Java but in my experience it doesn’t take long to get your head around and it enables Clojure to play nicely with legacy Java systems.


@agile_geek: I have a little experience in Java, I think I was scared by java interop just because I want to write GUI project with clojure. (I know seasaw, it’s really nice). But now I more use Javafx webkit + clojurescript to help me create the GUI application.


@coldnew: yeah. Java is not good at desktop UI! I started with Java 1.1 pre swing with AWT - painful.


Hi, can someone explain me like I'm five, how I can avoid restarting jvm to reflect changes? I've something like that: and in repl I run:

(use 'gs.repl)
then my client automatically connects.


That's what I'm trying to add currently, I was hoping there's a way to do that without adding wrappers to the request. Thanks!


I'm happy that I've managed to add that, because now, I can have system notifications about exceptions -> faster feedback without system shutdown:)