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Folks, we are looking for a co-organizer for our Bangalore Clojure User Group meetups. Please ping me, @kumarshantanu or @robertchristopher if you would like to take an active role in Clojure community building in Bangalore/India.

Pradeep B06:02:37

Hi folks, is this still being planned? I am up for it.


Yes, pinging you separately.

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Steven Deobald15:02:50

@amarjeet Are you folks planning to do in-person meetups again? (I'm in Canada at the moment... not sure how much social distancing is happening in Bangalore right now.)


@steven427 Not yet. Online meetups will happen. I think in-person ones will have to be put on hold for another few months.

Steven Deobald16:02:40

Makes sense. Any thoughts on what platform you're planning to use?


We have used Google Meet earlier for two online meetups


That worked well