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Shantanu Kumar08:04:15

Can somebody from Quintype please help with the exact office location on the HAL Main Road? @robertchristopher @ashishnegi

Shantanu Kumar08:04:40

Is it between Maruti showroom and Cloud-9?

Shantanu Kumar08:04:12

It seems the map location is incorrect, as @anujsays reported today.

Shantanu Kumar08:04:44

I’m trying to edit the location in the map.


@kumarshantanu it is above yes bank, the building next to cloud 9

Shantanu Kumar08:04:43

@robertchristopher Is it the same location as Potters House Church?


@kumarshantanu it is the building next to it

Shantanu Kumar08:04:32

I have set the new location, could you please confirm that the location is correct? You are also in the host list, so you should have the permission.


Just checked Google maps, we have a proper location pinned in it, just search for quintype

Shantanu Kumar08:04:28

Earlier the location was near Vittal Malya Road.


@kumarshantanu I have updated the right location now in the meet up page