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Shantanu Kumar06:12:53

Posting again, since I didn’t see any response to my question last time. 🙂 Would 7th January (Saturday) be a good date for the next meetup? /cc @wallydrag


hey sorry i missed that, yeah 7 th jan would be good :thumbsup:

Shantanu Kumar06:12:52

One of the interests we saw in the last meetup was to have a Clojure “webapp" 101 kind of a session. Would anybody be interested in presenting that?

Shantanu Kumar06:12:56

Also, if anybody would like to host the meetup on 7th Jan please let us know.


Sorry, Shantanu, didn’t see your earlier msg.


Yes, 7th looks good. I think we had also discussed we’d have it on the 2nd Saturday, and everyone had agreed.


About the webapp session, Ranjeet had said he would try to present it himself or find a substitute. Right @raeoks?


@jerry 7 sounds good

Shantanu Kumar08:12:50

@jerry Yes, (with my apology) we had discussed about 2nd Saturday. But, I saw the 2nd Saturday would be on 14 Jan, which would be about middle of Jan so I thought of asking about 7th. We can still ask people for 7th va 14th.


Can we have it on 14th?