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Shantanu Kumar09:09:02

@sreenath.n Have you tried using with dashboard-clj yet? I was wondering if there’s a simpler way to just extract the dependency-graph and integrate with


@kumarshantanu : I haven’t tried system-viz yet. But, stuart sierra component can give us dependency-graph. Would that be sufficient? This is what I got when I tried,

(com.stuartsierra.component/dependency-graph system (keys system))
;; #com.stuartsierra.dependency.MapDependencyGraph{:dependencies {:server #{:websocket}}, :dependents {:websocket #{:server}}}

Shantanu Kumar17:09:53

@sreenath.n Thanks! Turns out it is easy to build a graph that lein-viz can use: {:graph (:dependencies (component/dependency-graph system (keys system)))}