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Hello. I'm trying to run multiple bb tasks sequentially (one after the other) using the :depends keyword but it's not working. I tried using {:parallel true} via a private task and it does work, but output gets mingled. My tasks are running custom functions. What am I missing?

  style     {:doc  "Check code style with cljfmt"
             :task (apply "check" *command-line-args*)}

  lint      {:doc  "Lint code with clj-kondo"
             :task (apply tasks.lint/run "--lint" *command-line-args*)}

  check     {:doc "Check codebase with style and lint tasks"
             :depends [style lint]}
If I run bb check, it runs the style task, but not the lint task. If I use the private task and set :parallel to false, I get the same behavior just described.


@U02BATFPN78 bb check should run the style AND lint task, but if the style task throws an exception or something, then it won't run the lint task


if the code for style calls something like (System/exit 0) then it shuts down bb, which could also be the issue


Ahh that's exactly what happened... I needed to know which error code was thrown by either cljfmt or clj-kondo native binaries (if available) and just left a (System/exit exit) expr at tail position, dropping composition as a side effect. Now I check (pos? exit) to call that. Thanks!

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instead of System/exit you can also do this in bb:

(throw (ex-info "something bad happened" {:babashka/exit 1}))
which will terminate without printing a stacktrace


Oh nice! I'll try that out. Thank you again 🙂