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Jakub Šťastný00:03:47

What does babashka uses for pretty-printing exceptions? I was trying to find it in Clojure and then noticed Clojure doesn't give me that. I mean this:

----- Error --------------------------------------------------------------------
Type:     java.lang.ArithmeticException
Message:  Divide by zero
Location: /Users/jakub/Documents/Projects/et/jkl.clj:1:1

----- Context ------------------------------------------------------------------
1: (/ 1 0)
   ^--- Divide by zero

----- Stack trace --------------------------------------------------------------
I caught an exception and what to pretty-print it like this (at least if the platforms is bb).


this is something built into bb. we can do these tricks from one of the facts that the code is interpreted not compiled like clojure/jvm 🙂


This code could be ported to the JVM as well and be published as a library, e.g. babashka.error


There is nothing that couldn't be done in JVM Clojure I think


I think exposing this as a library would also help improving this stuff, since there are some things I am not yet happy with, e.g. it should print the exception root message. So I'll give it a try

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It will probably not be this week though, but I am working on that part of the code as part of another issue so probably not too long

Jakub Šťastný13:03:28

Oh wow @U04V15CAJ if you could make that available, I'd be very grateful. It's really way more readable than CLJ default errors.


@pesterhazy @timok About babashka conf in Berlin, maybe...? 🧵

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partyparrot 2

Maybe it could be a special edition of the Berlin Clojure Meetup with a talk about babashka and some other stuff: what are people doing with babashka in their company, etc?


Sounds great, I'd be happy to help make it happen

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We could use Pitch's office as a location


We're writing tons of babshka these days at Pitch so it makes a ton of sense


(Currently I'm doing TDD for bb scripts, and it's way better than I thought it would be)


also can do an in-person version of


yes, workshop + "keynote" (almost) 5 years of bb + some other bb-related talks


How much time? A full day maybe?


workshop 2 hours, keynote 40 minutes, several other 20-30 minute talks, I think this could easily be over half a day, maybe with lunch etc too. we could start late(r) if we can't fill up the day


we could also throw in lightning talks

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and a big break in between maybe too

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for socializing


sounds good! would be really excited for it! 😄


Sounds good. When are you guys free? May, June, something like that?


What should we call it? Berlin Babashka Day?


Either that, or just Babashka Conf maybe? :)


BabashkaConf is great

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I think second half of May / first half of June would work for me


similar time for me should be good too, would be good to have a month or more of heads up though, 3rd world visa issues i have 😕

Jakub Šťastný13:03:18

That'd be great. Long way for me from Mexico though. Would it be at the time when I'm back seeing family I'd definitely love to come (although travelling in EU is prohibitively expensive for me, but I'd try, after all from CZ it's just a train ride to Berlin). Would that not be the case, I'd be very grateful would the videos be available online.


That would be great! @pesterhazy Happy to help organizing things. I am in Berlin.

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It's only 4.5h by train from Prague

Jakub Šťastný18:03:57

All good from Prague, the trick is to get from MX to Prague. 2 changeovers and a lot of $$$. I go every other year.


Come to the 2024 edition :)

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Jakub Šťastný18:03:51

I think I could make that year, yes. I hope so.

Jakub Šťastný18:03:46

Or you all come to MX 😉 It's warm, cheap and the food is great.


@pesterhazy Actually I have a thing end of May probably. So maybe first half of May is better or first half (second week) of June. End of July also works, no plans for August yet, But I guess many people will be with summer break etc.


Would love to attend. Third week of may is complicated due to the long holiday weekend (family trip already planned). There holidays on Monday the first couple of weeks I think. Otherwise, June is great. July / depends on week.


ClojureD was 11th of June last year. Maybe 10th of June 2023 (Saturday)?

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BabashkaConf in Berlin is being planned, in lieu of clojureD. Very exiting :-) We're now picking a date. Any reason why June 10, 2023 may not be optimal?

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Note that there's always people who can't make it on a specific date, no matter what date you propose


But it would be good if it didn't co-incide with some other clojure conference (of which there are zero announced currently in Europe AFAIK)


Of course, or maybe it's World Cup or something silly like that

agata_anastazja (she/her)16:03:09

I am also in Berlin and I would love to help with organising

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Great! I'll reach out off thread


well since everyone's here, @timok can @U2J6U9D1R reach out to you for berlin things? good friend of mine and would love some berlin-ness 😅

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We now have a #C04VAK5U86L channel for organisation chit chat :)


BabashkaConf in Berlin is being planned, in lieu of clojureD. Very exiting :-) We're now picking a date. Any reason why June 10, 2023 may not be optimal?

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