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Is someone else still able to build bb on macOS? I think I've screwed up my macOS command line tools at some point, and I'm not able to build anymore.


It works again. Removing ./bb worked... arm64 facepalm

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Hey folks, I'm excited to share a tool I've been working on these last couple weeks: bbin: Install any Babashka script or project with one command. GitHub: Slack: #babashka-bbin This is a prototype based on an of adding a bb install command to Babashka. After discussing this with @borkdude, we agreed it's best for now to keep bbin as a standalone tool while we get feedback from the community before potentially adding more stuff to bb Even though the project is just getting started, it's already very useful! Check out the page for examples of tools that you can already install out-of-the-box Right now we're looking for some early adopters to test this out. 🙂 After this initial round of testing and feedback, I'm hoping to cut a 0.1.0 release and make a more formal announcement

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This looks awesome!


I just tried it out and was able to install watch and neil


Thanks for the great work on this @U0CLCL6T0!


@U0CLCL6T0 do you plan to include Windows binary in the release?


@UBLU3FQRZ I've pinged you on an issue in bbin to add Windows support. Have you seen this?


bbin is not a binary, it's a bb project


Yes. I've been actually quite confused. So it's more like what we did with neil. Right?


Indeed, very similar, but generalized


Ok. Ok. Let's see what can I do.