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Hi @borkdude I guess you have done much java interop stuff. I am facing an issue that, when writing java interop, I cannot jump to definition. For code completion, most time it doesn’t work too (e.g., .. form interop). I wonder how you overcome this hurdle.


I don't rely a lot on tooling for this. Usually just pull up the java docs


Would you mind sharing with me how you pull up the docs? Open a webpage on java doc?


What if sometimes you want to look at the implementation of a java function ?


I look it up on github


clojure-lsp does support navigating to a Java class btw, if it's on the classpath. It decompiles on the fly


but to be honest, I don't use that a lot


Thanks for the info!


Cursive is also pretty good for interop stuff if I remember.


It is basically fine, but doesn’t not work for (..) calls (the double dot form).

Steffen Glückselig06:08:40

global script-repo with bb.edn - using deps (on windows)... I've got a repo with most of my bb-scripts, which I used by adding its src-directory in a preload-script via add-classpath. I am now using dependencies (via :deps in bb.edn, not add-classpath) - and my setup does not load them. I need to use bb.edn because I generate an uberjar for my colleagues - I guess add-classpath would not work. I am looking for a way that bb uses the bb.edn from that repository... I handle the setup on my colleagues' systems with the uberjar and BABASHKA_CLASSPATH. I like to be able to use bb -m mynamespace.core on both their and my systems.

Steffen Glückselig08:08:55

I don't want to fiddle around with DOS-Batch-scripts, So I am now thinking of using a preload-script - which should "activate" the bb.edn (mainly because of the dependencies declared there). I think I'll just parse :deps from the bb.edn and call add-classpath...


@U01BAKAA6HL Are you aware of --config ?


You can point to the bb.edn in that remote dir