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do you have this issue with cider: when I say jack in babashka it always picks port 1667 - I want something random


the default port is 1667, but you can give it port 0 and then it will do one randomly


(setf cider-babashka-parameters "nrepl-server 0")
finally that is niiiiiiice

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I always went and killed my other repl, or started 1 manually lol


Scicloj's Tools and libraries page is now auto-generated with Babashka and babashka/cli! We use and to generate markdown for the static site generator. But why? I believe the data science ecosystem is held back by lack of knowledge. How do we find the good tools that exist? @daslu has done an amazing job in curating good tools and good libraries for data science with Clojure. Now, anyone can leverage this data to experiment with other forms of presentation. Just (slurp "") and go. Experimentation help is very much wanted, I'm not much of a frontend person myself!

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Daniel Slutsky16:07:39

That is great, @U3X7174KS. What a brilliant example of the Clojure habit of liberating information by turning it to plain data structures. For context, here is a discussion of why we need a more flexible UI for this list of libraries (briefly: to avoid the artificial tree taxonomy and be able to search for libraries by various apects of them).;cid=C0BQDEJ8M

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