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I'm trying to build the babashka uberjar with, but I get an error:

Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at (dependency.cljc:88).
Circular dependency between babashka.impl.protocols and babashka.impl.protocols
Do you know how to fix it? I'm looking to the current build setup, but I don't get how leiningen solves the circular dependency issue


Does anyone know if clj-kondo is available as a library in bb?


Thank you very much, I'll give it a go!


When pulling in tasks via a dependency, is it possible to also pull in the pods they use? It doesn't seem so but figure I'd ask. has tasks for clj-kondo and fswatcher pods that would benefit from this behavior


Hey! That library looks good. Currently the pods aren't pulled in, not sure how to do that yet, but worth creating an issue for. As a workaround you could also use load-pod in your tasks


An outcome of this issue could in fact be that you should still use load-pod for library code


Not sure how to get data declared in other deps into bb but perhaps the clojure.basis file works for that


Anyway, this has to be investigated


I'm hoping to only have pod versions in deps.edn but workaround makes sense. This is not a major inconvenience right now but one day perhaps it will be for more of the community if pods usage increases. Happy to make an issue to see if others are interested in this

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