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I just pushed a bb script for a dwm/tmux status bar, Pretty nichey but very useful to me. and so much fun to write - I had done some clojure before, but this experience reminded me I still have a lot to learn... @borkdude thanks a lot for your help this week (and for bb!)

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Babashka CLI v0.2.11 now adds support for dealing with subcommands!

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Ohhhh… this is awesome. I've been meaning to write something like this. But you beat me to it! I need to port some things to this and caxa.


Really interesting API. I like that you reduce the amount of boilerplate to nearly zero while limiting magic.


Already ported neil to this API :)


Yeah, I was wondering whether you had any plans to provide a more structured way to handle CLI args when working on Neil! Happy to see this included by default, that's going to further reduce friction writing decent scripts with babashka.