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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)08:04:38

Does BB have the same requirements for naming files as Clojure/Java? I.e., my script seems to work just fine (for now) with dashes instead of underscores in the name (like do-stuff.clj), but that causes kondo warnings. Am I heading towards trouble, or is BB fine with dashes in files?


@kingmob Bb and Clojure both don't care about hyphens when you execute them as a file, but when you load files on the classpath, then always use underscores in the filenames. Clj-kondo doesn't really know if your file is on the classpath or not, so it always warns about that. To prevent headaches later on, I think it might be a sane default to always go with the underscore in filenames.


Alternatively you can turn the linter off by placing a #_:clj-kondo/ignore before the name


Thanks to @rahul080327 we now have aarch64 versions of the SQL pods (postgres, mysql, mssql, and hsqldb). So they can now be used in your favorite 64bit raspberry PIs or AWS lambdas ;)

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Just wanted to remind y'all that #datalevin, an awesome durable datalog db, has been available as a babashka pod for a while. 0.6.7 was just released. Here's an example: And here's a more sophisticated example (which was reported as an error but now works with 0.6.7): Thanks @huahaiy for the amazing project and work.

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Thank you for the shout out. Thank you for all the awesome enabling tech that you constantly push out as well.