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Daniel Amber08:03:16

Hey guy! made my first tutorial using Babashka… would love some feedback if there is any… especially from @borkdude 🙂 - Ignore the typo in the title I’ve sorted it :face_palm:

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I've watched the first part and it looks very very good to me, thank you so much! I'll finish watching the rest later this week.

Daniel Amber09:03:00

Thank you! Had an awesome time doing this one, Im just hoping all the info is accurate 🙂


@U02KYBC5WJY Could you also post this link in the #news-and-articles channel? 🙏


I finished watching already. Absolutely fantastic.

Daniel Amber09:03:55

Thanks so much man!


I noticed you restarted the REPL when you added a dependency. I usually also do that, but you can prevent that if you want by executing (babashka.deps/add-deps '{:deps ...})


If you want to make videos about other bb related topics: bb tasks might be cool. It's a Makefile-like replacement but for bb/clojure. Docs:


And then there's #nbb, a babashka-like environment but for Node.js


@U7761CJTS ^ it might be nice to know that stash got used in that video :)

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Daniel Amber10:03:52

@borkdude would you like to join in a video about nbb? 🙂


Petition to change name to babashaka 🙋


Is there an ical pod for babashka yet?

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what's that?


if it's the apple thing, you might be able to use #obb?


no, iCal the calendar format 😉


is this a binary or text format?


maybe not so hard to parse yourself?


I'm having thoughts lately to add instaparse to bb


so it can parse all kinds of thing as long as there is a grammar for it


It's plaint text and not that hard to parse but the semantics are tricky when it comes to timezones etc.


There is a nice library, ical4j so I may give creating a pod for it a spin.


you may also have some luck with #nbb btw


I generally don't trust npm libs 😛 But it sounds like a good idea!


@U054UD60U nbb is pretty amazing. let me know what you think in #nbb


It's pretty fast too. On m1 it has a startup of only 100ms


Nice! I fell back to using ical4j with regular clojure as I wanted to merge calendars and ical4j supports that. But I might use node-ical when I need to actually inspect the event data! (However, reoccurring events are hard to parse manually)

Brandon Stubbs21:03:15

Hey, any pointers as to why I can’t use this dependency?

(deps/add-deps '{:deps {com.auth0/java-jwt {:mvn/version "3.19.0"}}})
(import com.auth0.jwt.algorithms.Algorithm)
;; Unable to resolve classname: com.auth0.jwt.algorithms.Algorithm
Or any other recommendations for RS256 JWT signing in BB ?


There is buddy pod here: but buddy.sign isn't included in there. If that is a solution to you, happy to receive a PR for it.


Else you could maybe try #nbb with e.g.

Brandon Stubbs22:03:35

Thanks, I started making the changes in pod-babashka-buddy but ran into BouncyCastle provider issues. Will have to have a bit more of a dig into it, something relating to Graal. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use #nbb with it as this is part of a large program that is already using some other pods and a large part of the ecosystem

Brandon Stubbs22:03:16

Let me give it a shot


or adding a reflection config. maybe you can post an issue / pr with what you did and what problems you encountered, if you get stuck


@U015Y1A1N8Y That's fantastic!!!


About the sign API, is there a reason to deviate from buddy's API?

Brandon Stubbs20:03:04

Yeah so using the keys api returns BouncyCastle object that run into the world of problems

Brandon Stubbs20:03:34

So that’s why I did it that way, just to ensure that everything to do with bouncy castle stays in the pod

Brandon Stubbs20:03:42

The buddy.core.keys/private-key returns org.bouncycastle.jcajce.provider.asymmetric.rsa.BCRSAPrivateCrtKey for an RSA PEM

Brandon Stubbs20:03:21

I have to pop out - will back back in 2 or 3 hours