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@borkdude Have you ever tried the transit+msgpack format (I know that transit json works) in babashka? Getting reflection errors from MsgPack when trying to initialize


The MessagePack library isn't included in bb, can you tell more about your use case for it?


We store some data using transit+msgpack and gzip on s3, and I was looking for a way to “unpack” it without having a JVM repl going.

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Perhaps we could add messagepack support to jet

Byron Clark17:08:44

Sorry to bring an old thread back to life, but it looks like cq only supports transit+msgpack when using the JVM release, not the one built with babashka. Same reflection errors as when trying to use transit with msgpack directly from babashka.

Byron Clark17:08:31

My usecase is to review wire protocol messages for datomic when using http.


I see. I think I'd like to support this in #jet first. Feel free to create an issue there on Github

Byron Clark20:08:30

jet would be perfect. I’ll create an issue there. Thanks!


@U0394DH0S3W I wasn't aware transit+msgpack doesn't work for cq via GraalVM Could you open an issue there as well and I'll investigate 🙂 (PS: cq is still not built with bb but directly with Graal because I keep not getting around to doing that)


I'm considering to add to babashka which will also make loom compatible with bb:

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