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I have a local script on my laptop like this:

install-bb --version 0.7.4-SNAPSHOT --dir ~/Dropbox/bin
It installs the latest SNAPSHOT version from master and puts it in a directory on the PATH, so I can easily test with the newest. I encourage you to do so, to help me catch bugs early before release :). install-bb is the same install script from the babashka repo, but since it's on my PATH I gave it a more recognizable name. clojure.math was just added:
$ bb -e '(clojure.math/pow 2 8)'


:thumbsup: I adapted my system upgrade script to also install bb-snap, leaving it here in case it's useful for others. 1. It's a fast noop if there are no new updates 2. Previous versions are stored in $HOME/opt 3. The installation itself is just a symlink.

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Also $ bb -e 'iteration' is now available


For Windows, you can download the latest master release manually from


Babashka 0.7.4 is now released 🎉 Please leave some feedback in the survey if you are using it. • Add new namespace from clojure 1.11: `clojure.math` • Add new vars from clojure 1.11: `abs`, `iteration` • Add compatibility with `org.clojure/algo.monads` • SCI: support `:as-alias` • SCI: add `pop!` ( • deps.clj: update to clojure CLI • Add metabom jar to docker images ( • Add opencontainers annotations to docker image ( • Fix Alpine Linux Docker images in CI script ( • babashka.fs: create dirs in `copy-tree` ( • SCI: fix order of metadata evaluation ( • Fix: cannot take value of macro of `->` • Fix cannot create multidimensional arrays • Fix allow optional (ignored) `--` when using using `--main` ( • SCI: throw when `recur` is used from non-tail position • Add more libraries to CI lib tests ( • Upgrade several built-in deps: `org.clojure/clojure`, `cheshire`, `core.async`, `test.check`

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