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Very nice to know about, Azure has a similar endpoint but you don't need to walk it, it returns json with

curl -s -H Metadata:true ""
I ran it from a kubernetes pods in aws/azure. Must explore more. I don't think you could even consider doing this in bash.


That is awesome idea to return it as JSON. Updated the gist to do it.


Babashka 0.6.8 • Add `reader-conditional?`, `test` • Deps.clj: bump to tools jar `` • Babashka.process: support `deref` with timeout ( • Add new functions from clojure 1.11 alpha3 except `` • nREPL server: catch `Throwable` instead of `Exception`, fixes hanging with `assert` The new parse functions in clojure 1.11 alpha3 should come in handy for #adventofcode :)

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