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I see in babashka.impl.classes ( but am not seeing it available:

% bb --version
babashka v0.6.1
% bb -e "(import '"
----- Error --------------------------------------------------------------------
Type:     java.lang.Exception
Message:  Unable to resolve classname:
Location: <expr>:1:1

----- Context ------------------------------------------------------------------
1: (import '
   ^--- Unable to resolve classname:

----- Stack trace --------------------------------------------------------------
user - <expr>:1:1


Does it need to be included in babashka.impl.classes/classes as well?


(Too tired to rebuild babashka tonight/this morning. I’ll try later today).


Is there a way to use babashka/fs to delete a non empty directory without using fs/delete-tree ?


why not use fs/delete-tree?


Sorry for the question; I thought it was slow because it was deleting every file in the tree one by one but now I realise it’s slow because there is a nested node_modules folder… it’s as fast as rm -rf


FYI: there is a #babashka-sci-dev channel for discussion dev related stuff of bb and sci itself. The channel used to be private but there is no reason for the channel to be private. So I created another one which is public.


I remember babashka has a way to declare a dependency to load at runtime, but can’t remember how, can someone bring an example?


@wilkerlucio babashka.deps/add-deps accepts a deps.edn map

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Ben Sless19:09:17

Interesting mention of Babashka here


Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be aware of babashka.fs

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Ben Sless19:09:03

Maybe he is and it didn't meet his needs. Could be worth to get a user report from him


OK, reached out on Twitter.


But I guess it's hard competing against Python in this environment: > JetBrains isn’t known for its love for Clojure, and other people who wanted to participate would have to learn it

Ben Sless19:09:18

> I’d probably try it again in when it matures and when the rest of the code will already be in a Clojure. Then it’ll be a match made in Heaven. I think he wants it to work


i think getting user report from him is really valuable. He mentioned having difficulty with fs, and process. i think the babashka process handling is quite joyful to use. really want to know what's the gap in between.


I’ve already talked to him. Many functions he implemented himself were already in fs and he was in a hurry. I can’t help someone who doesn’t reach out with feedback unfortunately


Quick question -- is there a way to callout to code inside of file listed in :paths during Babashka :tasks? I want to call foo (service.make/foo), but I have to set tasks :init (load-file "scripts/service/make.clj") to get this working

Bob B01:09:31

If I'm understanding the question, you can use :requires assuming that src/foo.clj exists with (ns foo) and a make-service function:

{:paths ["src"] 
 :tasks {:requires ([foo])
         foo (foo/make-service)}}

Bob B01:09:26

there is also a mechanism to provide requires for a specific task:

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The :require is exactly like what I'm looking for -- thank you!