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I've never used such a tool, but it sounds useful. @i.slack @huahaiy @deleted-user You could make a Github discussion to collect some ideas perhaps.


Anyone wants to do some smoke tests for the upcoming babashka? The major new feature is that it contains the client / websocket support.

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Rusty Shackleford13:09:09

@U04V15CAJ I can confirm that java-http-clj is working fine for my use-case of a few GET requests with some custom headers instead of babashka.curl. I can also confirm that the alias-uri function is available and working. 💯


It should be able to run the library from source.


The idea is that over time we will prefer the client (or some convenience lib inside bb that leverages it) over all the other clients and deprecate the others (while giving sufficient time, there is no hurry to remove them). Having the raw interop is the first stage of this plan.


At the same time Clojure library authors are recommended to use raw interop if their library needs to do http communication (or some internal wrapper over it) so a library is able to do this without any external deps and also making it both JVM and bb compatible.


Maybe this is #beginner questions but I'll ask here first - if I want to create a bb script that uses an external diff viewer (still terminal) and I want to see the colorized output, can I do that? Rephrased, can I preserve the terminal output from a super fancy terminal program like bat and see it when I shell out to it via bb ?


What I want to do is create a quick n dirty cli to inspect a lot of git diffs and give user input on every diff


@U6T7M9DBR yes, you can do this using babashka.process/process or babashka.tasks/shell


oh fancy - googling


Currently I'm doing (require '[ :refer [sh]]) but maybe that's the newbie way? 🙂


A lot is happening around babashka and I sat down to collect what happened in the last two months:


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Nice, updating the nixpkgs package


Special shout out to @grzm who did most of the work on integrating

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