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It's babashka's birthday today! 🎂 The initial commit was two years ago:

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Michaël Salihi15:08:48

So much change in two years! Initialy for scripting and now we can write single-page webapp with it! 🙂 Bravo!


I’m amazed by your dedication and creativity! Thank you for babashka, clj-kondo and friends! 🎉

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It's amazing to see how far you have advanced bb in such a short time. Kudos @U04V15CAJ! Stars and beyond


Small usability thing in the babashka book :) The first example in Section 4 Project setup uses medley, but it’s only in Section 6 Libraries that we are told how to load libraries like medley that are not built in to babashka. I think it would be better if a built-in library like yaml were used for the section 4 example.


Aah, thank you


If you want you may PR this or raise an issue at the book