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Humm... can babaska access jackson's ObjectMapper ? I want to fiddle with some JSON, and json's maps are ordered by default... So I'd like to fiddle with the JSON as json, not mapped to edn.


Could you show me the interop code?


If babashka would adopt a logging library from the clojure ecosystem, what should it be? taoensso.timbre, + some Java one, or timbre as the implementation? Other ideas? Nothing would also be an option


it’s built on slf4j, not sure if that’s useable in native image


Same, I think that one is best ^


timbre ❤️


It is so good someone basically ported it to the browser: (This one is inspired by pedestal.log, as you see in the readme)


whatever it is, would be nice to be something with Clj and CLJS support, so we could keep portable code

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I agree. The point is mostly portability. Some projects run into a dependency on which makes it unusable with bb as is.


I vote for pedestal.log


@U04V15CAJ can be adapted/shimmed?


@UBLU3FQRZ Think so, what kind of shim are you thinking about?


My opinion is that you don't want to pollute bb with some platform specific logging. Unix philosophy was always write error to stderr and have no output on success/or output if there is any on stdout. But what is (probably) possible is to shim some api (like with just a script and that could be it.


yes, you can provide as an API and just provide a very basic implementation

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My vote is on - or something that looks like it


yes, the most important issue isn't the logging itself, but making projects which use it, compatible with bb


we could provide our own very basic implementation under the tools.logging API, but I'm not sure if people would like to disable logging based on namespace, etc, and before you know it, you're re-implementing something that already exists


Agreed, also there's things like logging being threadsafe as opposed to a naive approach of just using print* etc etc


perhaps as the abstract logger + timbre as the concrete logger (exposing a subset of timbre initially)

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im surprised that µlog hasn't come up yet: worth watching the related video


Mulog has come up and has been mentioned in the discussion on Github. Bruno explained why it isn’t such a good fit for bb

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i actually wrote that message a lot earlier but since i switched my slack to send message with cmd-enter, i miss sending them when i write them... also, the related github discussion is folded by default, so when i searched for mulog or bruno, i got no results :/ (im just saying, so others are aware of these usability traps too)